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Hi, I'm Roxanne. 

I am a mum, proud volunteer, small business owner and Chandler Ward local. 

I love Chandler Ward and I’m passionate about our community. I have spent a considerable amount of time volunteering in the area and I have more to give.

Chandler Ward is where I have chosen to raise a family and I care deeply about the area my children are growing up in. Since becoming a mother, I’ve relied heavily on our council services, from Maternal and Child Health Nurse appointments, libraries and storytime sessions, to parks and playgrounds; I've experienced it all. I understand the needs, pressures and pleasures that come with family life and It’s this experience and perspective that will prove invaluable when it comes to advocating for families.

An advocate for all things local, including agriculture, business, arts and culture I will be supporting our community to make the changes we need to thrive, not just survive.

I will bring a balanced, forward-thinking approach to Council. I will encourage better communication between Council and our community. I will fight for more mental health resources, safe and accessible community spaces for all residents and post-Covid support for individuals and businesses.

Running a business requires strong organisation and time management skills. I can bring my experience as a small business owner to Council to make sure the right supports are in place to help businesses thrive. With qualifications in criminal justice and criminology I bring with me a profound understanding of what we can do as a community to help reduce crime in our area. We all deserve to feel safe within our homes and out in our community.

I am outgoing, approachable, a great listener and a hard worker. My perspective, personality and values are what will make me a great councillor. They make me the kind of councillor who will advocate for you, who will put you first.

I will serve you - your needs, your aspirations and your concerns in this changing challenging world. Let me fight for you.

Vote 1 Roxanne Horn for a safer, inclusive, thriving, community-focused Chandler Ward.

As an independent candidate

One thing that I have been asked a lot is if I’m aligned/affiliated with a political party and the answer is no.

I am not and have never been a member of a political party.

As a councillor, I will be Switzerland. I personally believe a councillor should be able to make any decision that they see as best for their local area, one that aligns with the people of their ward.

I won’t be consulting with any political party, I’ll be advocating for the people of Chandler Ward.

Proud volunteer

For the past few years I’ve been a volunteer at Halloween on the Green and I’ve loved every minute of it. My role as Stall Holder and Food Vendor Director gave me the opportunity to discover, support and showcase local businesses. I’m proud of the fact that I helped raise money for many of our local schools while also providing a fun and affordable day out for local families.

Small business owner

6.5 years ago my husband and I took the leap, we started our own small business.

Over the years we have worked hard to build it into the successful business it is today.

Running a business requires strong organisation and time management skills. I can bring my experience as a small business owner to Council to make sure the right supports are in place to help businesses thrive.

Until Covid stage 4 restrictions, we had never had a gap in work. The restrictions on our trade have hit us hard. We haven’t been able to work for the last 4 weeks and we won’t be able to work until these restrictions are lifted.

I understand the impact Covid is having on businesses. I understand the struggle of juggling a mortgage when you’ve lost your main source of income.

This election, vote for someone who understands your struggles. Vote for someone who will work hard so we’re all supported in a post-COVID world.

Mental health in the Yarra Ranges

Mental health is a issue close to my heart and unfortunately mental illness is far too common, especially in the Yarra Ranges. In 2014, 20% of Yarra Ranges residents had a high or very high level of psychological distress. This was the second highest level in metropolitan Melbourne. Mental health in the Yarra Ranges is an area we need to focus on, especially after Covid. The wellbeing of our residents is of utmost importance.

For the last 6 years I have supported my husband through his own mental health battle. After losing both his parents, he was diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

I have been able to see first hand the effect that mental illness has on a person and their family. I have seen how hard it is for people to ask for help, especially males. I know the costs involved in seeking treatment and I have seen the effect that Covid 19 is having on people with a mental illness.

One of the many reasons I decided to run for council is so I can use my experiences to help my wider community and I hope to get that chance.

Safe and accessible community spaces

One issue that keeps getting mentioned to me is safe, inclusive and accessible spaces. A lot of the Yarra Ranges isn’t pram or wheelchair friendly and Council actually has a preference for not fencing playgrounds and dog parks.


I was disappointed when Lillydale Lake playground was upgraded. To have a playground without a fence when it’s so close to a lake, bike riders and a car park seems crazy to me. Personally, I love a fenced playground, as a mum of 2 very active boys that love to run in opposite directions I need that boundary. I know many parents who actually travel to the Knox area just to feel safe in a fenced area. 


Whenever I plan an outing for my family or a party for my son's birthday, access is always the first thing I think of. Growing up with a disabled mother has made me look at community spaces differently. Everyone deserves to be able to access our community space, they shouldn't just cater for the able-bodied.


Often overlooked but absolutely vital in connecting residents. I'm sure you have noticed that some areas have no footpaths and those that do, are in need of some serious TLC. Pram-friendly footpaths close to services and connected spaces should be the norm. Not just for parents but for older residents and also the differently-abled. It makes sense for safety and it makes sense for community connectivity.

As a councillor I will advocate for inclusive, accessible and safe spaces. I will consider parents with prams, the disabled and the differently abled. I will fight for safe, inclusive and accessible community spaces.


The state of our environment is a massive concern to me, I’ll be doing all I can to protect our beautiful, natural environment.

I was very upset to hear that the recent winds destroyed all the hard work of MEEPPA at the Tramway Road conservation area in Mt Evelyn.

Climate change is an issue we need to tackle, bushfire season is only going to get worse and this will directly impact our community. I fully support bushfire prevention methods such as back burning and making sure residents are preparing their blocks for fire season.

Whilst I have many environmental goals for our area, like banning non medical plastic straws, collecting food waste, increasing habitat through plantings, I know that on Council it will more about how I can support local groups and individuals already working hard in this space and I hope I get the opportunity.

Chandler Ward

Covering Silvan, Kalorama (most), Seville, Wandin (most), Monbulk (most), Mt Evelyn (some), Montrose (some), Olinda (some), Emerald (some) and Macclesfield, Chandler ward lies in the south of the Yarra Ranges. It is the third largest ward in terms of land area. It was named after a prominent pioneering family who played a significant role in local government. Settled in the mid to late 1800's, the area was known for its horticultural industry, particularly berries.



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Roxanne Horn for Chandler Ward would like to respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners, the Wurundjeri People, as the custodians of this land. Roxanne also pays respect to all Aboriginal community Elders, past and present who have resided in the area and have been an integral part of the history of this region.

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